Kemin Hu

“Cherished by the Chinese for generations, scholars’ rocks or ‘spirit stones’ are gaining appreciation in the West for their beauty and spiritual meaning. Kemin Hu was stirred to an appreciation of scholar’s rocks by her father, a noted connoisseur of Chinese antiquities. She became an authority on scholar’s stones through her long career as a dealer and collector, as well as through her friendships with such great collectors as Richard Rosenblum and C.C. Wang.” – Asia Society

“Kemin’s passionate interests in scholar’s rocks, come from her father, Hu Zhao-Kang, who was a noted connoisseur of Chinese Bonsai, Penjing, Gongshi and Chinese antiquities for 50 years of his life. Kemin’s own vast collection of Scholar’s Rocks has been featured in numerous exhibitions, including a 100-piece Exhibit in the New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden at the Staten Island Botanical Garden in 2002. She has given a number of talks and lectures at the Asia Society in New York City, at MIT’s Boston Club Event, and during many stone symposiums. In 2003, she was invited by CCTV (Chinese Central Television) to be interviewed on Scholar’s Rocks as part of an expert forum on the popular TV program “Art and Collection.” Some scholars in this field praise her as the most renowned woman connoisseur of Chinese Scholar’s Stones in 400 years.” – World Bonsai Convention

Kemin Hu is the author of five books on Scholars’ Rocks

Spirit Stones - The Ancient Art of the Scholar's Rock   romancebook   Kemin Hu's 3rd book on Scholars Rocks   Kemin Hu's 2nd book on Scholars Rocks   Kemin Hu's first book on Scholars Rocks

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